Booyah for Holiday Sewing – OR – Sicilia est magna insula

How do we do this all rest of the year? How can we get through One Single Week without our very own, private access to the sea? You find me stunned to realize, I have no idea how this is possible. I’m equally buffled as to why I never manage to wear as many me-made-garments on a regular basis as in in this holiday.


We spent 10 amazing days in Sicily and I’m still working hard to fight off that longing to get back to our very own bathing platform. Also – since today is the last day before “back-to-work” – I’m doing my best to give my summer holiday wardrobe a last chance to shine. Shivering in my favorite beach dress here, while I type along, you see. Munich just isn’t Sicily.

This holiday I wore more self made garments than (consecutively) over the rest of the year.  I’m not the best model for my own makes, you see. I generally end up with garments I actually wouldn’t wear. My “retail shopping self” and my “sewing self” are the toughest fighters over my styling taste. Whereas I’d never buy a garment with romantic flower print on it, I suddenly find a little girly fabric secretly sneaking into my stash. Just because my “sewing self” wouldn’t have a chat with the “retail shopper” beforehand – the one that has the actually say about what’s being worn and what isn’t. Hence, over the last couple of months, I decided to give the two ladies a little time to talk things through. And I’m pleased to see, that we are somewhat closing in on a compromise. The holidays makes are (at least partly) a result of their negotiation. So let “sewing self” proudly present – my three favourite holiday garments in reverse order.

#3 The Sallie Jumpsuite by Closet Case Files.


OK, now. Let me explain: I like the idea of this garment. I like the general design and the wide legs AND I LOVE how it feels to wear it. A onesie, basically. So comfy. What I don’t like is the color (helloooo, “sewing self”!!! – WTF? Why did you go for Smurf Blue?) and the way it is emphasizing the belly area. Which ( I think) could be amended by simply widening the elastics. But hey, generally all good, except the color. Which I might change by simply dying the whole thing. Why the hell not?! From this though my second favorite holiday garment evolved:

#2 The Sallie Jumpsuite – Romper Version – by Closet Case Files.


A clear winner of all holiday states. It felt breezy enough, yet chic and so comfy every time I wore it. It being black and the fabric being more on the thick side maybe doesn’t make it the best outfit for a midday stroll through the city, but such a thing would never occur to me anyways.


And even the house cat approved. 

So that was a good one, “Sewing self”! Well done, dear!

But no. 1 of holiday makes clearly is:

#1 Robe Lucie by Republique du ChiffonIMG_6815

I’m on my way to a smile hear, I think, hence the sheepish expression. But: LOOK AT THAT DRESS! “Retail shopping self” and “Sewing self” really got it bang on this time. I love the print, the fabric is so light and yet falls exactly right.


Very proud of my almost flawless bias binding at the neck and armholes.


I’ve vowed myself to make another, but just couldn’t find the best fabric in time. So this will need to wait till the next holiday apartment with an own bathing platform has been found.

A brief note on Sicily: Amazing! Loved the East cost. Such a stunner (if you stay away from the most touristy bits in the North (and partly the South)). I persistently forgot to not try to speak Spanish with the people – my Latin knowledge didn’t help either. But my competency in blindfoldedly distinguishing Granita flavors grew strongly. Can I go back now, please? I’m really cold in my Robe Lucie here…

2 thoughts on “Booyah for Holiday Sewing – OR – Sicilia est magna insula

  1. That’s a struggle I have too! Which is actually one of the reasons I started my blog – I wanted to gather pictures of style inspiration my “retail shopping self” would approve of to steer my “sewing (and knitting) self” more in that direction.

    I also love outfits #2 and #1. Lovely work ❤

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