Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

Do you dare to turn the music up? Come on, do it for me! Do it for the dress – the Wiggle Dress from Gertie’s Book for Better sewing.

(Now, that’s better, no? With a bit of soundtrack and all… I love that version of Jason Derulo / Snoop Dogg’s “Wiggle” – in fact, it’s the ONLY version of the song that I like. Her dress, that wiggle, lush!)

Right, so now, that dress…


I got Gertie’s book for Christmas. Originally I wanted – oh, who am I fooling – I NEEDED that book for the  lovely Pencil Skirt with extra belt stand BUT when I saw that Wiggle Dress… MAAAAAAN… that DRESS…

How very feminine and yet business (no?) – oh!

Wiggle1side wiggle2front

I have to note though: That little nagging voice in my head told me “we don’t do tight fitted dresses without reinforcement at the belly area, do we?!” but an even loader, more self-assured voice that day bellowed over it: “Fear not! There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a nicely tight fitting pair of tight.” – “You’re absolutely RIGHT!” I shouted back to the later and set to storm the fabric store.

But not before getting some more inspirations on how this dress could look…

Although all that dots and flowers…

… were so very tempting I decided – for once – to play it “classy” and go for a solid colour version. I KNOW. It’s odd!!! Might have helped that this splendid green scuba was on sale anyways – and (in addition to that) the most perfect fabric I could have wished for in the whole store.

Because, this is what I figured when I prepared for the project (also odd – “prepared for the project” – I used to just go and do it, quickly… now i “prepare”… listen to that!…): I’ll choose a fabric with quite a bit of ease to avoid major fitting issues; if it’s a bit stretchy I can get away with not making it 100% fitted, I figured. And I feel, I was right.

I didn’t make a muslin – didn’t have any fabric to waste. A daring decision not to practice, I thought in the middle of the construction process, I admit. Particularly those arm pit gussets (is that what we call them?)  felt like a bit of a challenge; but turned out pretty fine in the end. Look:


The whole pattern as such left me with hardly any alterations, to be frank. All I did was chop away quite a bit of the length. The fit around the bust and butt is pretty fine, I feel.

wiggle2back  wiggle4frontdown

I finished off with a blind hem, just because I love the slick overall look of the dress and didn’t want to interrupt that with top stitching. Due to the nature of the scuba, I also had to understitch and blindstich the neckline. I have read quite a lot of praise on hand stitching hems and how soothing it really is. Not gonna lie: Not a fan of the hand stitching. Tedious – mostly (I guess) because I haven’t fully mastered the technique yet.

Wiggle1blind CIMG1123

But since I love the end result of that stitching action so much, I guess I’m willing to forget the painful hassle with the hem.

I love those sleeves – the whole pattern construction is fabulous, really. Would love to make another one. It’s so well suited for the day job even. Trust me, I tried it out twice. It went well! Though I do feel that the scuba and the looser fit adds some extra kilos to my actual posture… But I figure if I make it any tighter, the tummy-voice will come out shouting again, Plus: Right now it’s SO COMFY! I really feel this one is a winner! Like, an “I’ll-actually-wear-it-in-public-often”-Winner.

I love this version BTW.

Tempted to give this a try with a more floating fabric. How hard is this to do?! Can I get there by adding some more ease at the top, e.g. in the armpit area? Or am I thinking too simple here? I’ll just give it a go at some point, I guess. There is not better way to learn than to just go do it, right?! Right…

Fine, enough of the talking… Excuse me now while I wiggle away in my dress. Someone click the “replay” button for me, please. Thank you!


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