Just 7 steps between you and your new Christmas Jumper!

Christmas time is winter time is jumper time. I’ve always been a huge fan of Christmas Jumpers! A unique opportunity to wear your christmassy passion, no?! colin-firth-bridget-jones-jumper (Yeah, even like that… I was thinking of something a BIT more subtle… but in general; huge fan of this “Hey, what are you looking at, my deer is down there!”-Jumper btw.). I was thinking, maybe I’m not the only one this year with the urge to model a proper Christmas jumper. So straight from Santa’s Craft Shop comes my unique offer: I’ll sew you THAT Christmas jumper you were desperate for ALL-YOUR-LIFE! Or at least I’ll be pretty close… why am I offering this? Because I’m in a Christmassy selfless-sewing kind of mood. I know, can’t believe it myself! Better hurry up before it’s over on the 7th of December! Here’s how this thing works: 1) You tell me the christmassy Design Theme or Motto of your sweater (in the comments below or via Twitter / Instagram / Facebook using #sabinesibillesewmethatjumper) 2) I’ll pick TWO jumper Design Themes after December 7th, that tickle my creative mussel 3) I’ll „interpret“ your theme and sew / stitch it up for you (of course we’ll discuss size, most hated colors etc. before that) 4) I’ll send it over to you – wherever you are in the world, designs for Lads and Chicks 5) You’ll love it so much you might cry a little 6) You’ll take a picture of yourself in your new, most favourite garment and send it over to me (that’s optional really, but I’d LOVE to see it!) 7) You’ll donate €20 or the equivalent to Amnesty International (or any other NGO / charity / person on the streets / initiative you’re fond of – not optional 🙂 ) What you’ll be getting is something that style-wise will be along that line: (Design Theme: “Three chains of Fairy Lights to take away, please!” – subtle, I know… but so was the Theme…) IMG_5328

  •  Sweater cotton fabric (color depending on your Design Theme)


  • With embroidery or fabric color mash. Depends.

(Wearing it right now, actually… still from my little photo shoot earlier – harhar…) IMG_5322 IMG_5318 IMG_5300 IMG_5306 As to the donations of €20 – this is a crucial point! If you get a jumper from me I expect you to donate. Of course you’re free to donate to anyone – I’ve named Amnesty International because they are, as controversial as they might be, an organisation that I value highly. But of course you’re welcome to choose! Maybe give it to that person on the corner that you pass by ever morning. Your pick! As long as you promise to give (and I mean a „cross-my-heart-and-thunder-may-strike-me-if-I-don’t-do-it“ kind of promise). €20 is about 1/3 of what the jumper you’ll be getting is worth material-wise. And I promise not to employ any children under poor lighting to sew it together for you. Why am I doing this, you’re asking? Well, in case you follow that blog or my Instagram a little, you’ll know that I’m guilty of selfish-sewing. The only other people I sew clothes for are babies and my mum. I just want to “do a little something” for others and practice selfless-sewing. Sounds strange? Right, we’ve met, you know it was ment to be. So, to sum it up:

  • Everyone, no matter where in the world can participate
  • Just post your “Design Theme” that you would want your sweater to be in in the comments below or on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram using #sabinesibillesewmethatjumper
  • Do so by December 7th 2014
  • Be good for a chance to get picked
  • Get it sewn up for you, be joyful…


  • …take a picture and send it (if you like)
  • Donate

Easy as Christmas pie. Everyone needs a little warmth this Christmas! Let’s do this!!! Give me some crazy Christmas ideas!!! Whoop Whoop

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