“I’m in fabric heaven. Don’t pinch me!!!” – OMG – Mood Fabrics NYC

1 1/2 hours! At Mood Fabrics. In New York City. It. Was. Amazing.

Foto 06.09.14 03 20 55

Both the City and the store; in their entities not comparably maybe, but if you will: Both so full of choice and possibilities, it made my slightly light-headed (the shop more so than Manhattan… when it comes to dizziness… if that makes any sense… it doesn’t… right… move on, please; this is not a travel blog anyways).

I mean – GUYS – just Look. At. This.

Foto 06.09.14 03 20 39

… and this….

SO MUCH CHOICE! And there’s an Upstairs there, too.

Foto 06.09.14 03 19 37

… fabric as far as the eye can see. Seriously – I’ve never seen such a variety all cramped into one… space.

Foto 06.09.14 03 22 22

(Oh, I would never!!!)

I even caught myself standing in front of swimwear fabric. Lovely lovely swimwear fabric. And I was thinking; I could make a Swimsuit. Why not? Same happened in front of the silk shelf (blouse would have been the project)…

Foto 06.09.14 03 20 31 Foto 06.09.14 03 21 47

… the woven fabric shelf, the striped cotton shelf…

Foto 06.09.14 03 21 48  Foto 06.09.14 03 21 58 Foto 06.09.14 03 22 14

…the brocade, the wool crepe, the lawn, the tons of different jersey varieties…

Foto 06.09.14 03 22 19 Foto 06.09.14 03 22 23

… the poplin, the flannel, the denim (if you look close enough, you might see a glimpse of my confusion in the last picture – photo credits, btw, by the best guy on earth and my boyfriend who not only secretly trailed me through the shop but also took all the above snapshots while I was busy not deciding; and when I “caught” him at it he said: “I’m taking pictures for your blog.” That’s just adorable.)

Spoiled for choice I ended up with three fabrics:


My personal paparazzi and best support ever, treated me to the one on the left. It’s going to become an Archer Shirt (or a slight modification of that); the striped one at the top I’ll turn into an Alder Shirt Dress (all as announced here, in the Re-Sew-lution post… though, again, with prints more bold than expected. But WTF. It’s MOOD FABRIC, for heaven’s sake!)


The last one already accomplished its mission. I decided to use the wrong side of that fabric for the project (left in picture) – I love the washed out look; looks so relaxed, a bit country and yet… exotic… I’m again not making any sense, am I?!

Country-exotic or not, this is what it became; a Colette Pattern Laurel Dress:


I’ve made that pattern before and although I thus realised that I like it better when I take in more at the waist, make it shorter and take in the back dart by 2cm each, I was under the impression that – yes, this time – I wanted it more loose.


Turned out; I was wrong. I re-fitted it. On me, it’s much better with a more defined waist.


So see – I do have a travel blog in a way; I’ve taken you aaaaaaaall the way from Midtown Manhatten to my living room (did you see? I’ve killed my plant ;( – black thumb. That one below the mirror is its successor. Good luck, my little plant friend!).

Hopefully will crack on with the Alder Dress Shirt this weekend. We’ll see… I sort of have to preserve those lovely Mood fabrics for projects on lousy autumn days, where I at least mentally can go back to Manhattan, no?!

Where to fabric shop next????!!!! To infinity – and beyond!


4 thoughts on ““I’m in fabric heaven. Don’t pinch me!!!” – OMG – Mood Fabrics NYC

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  1. Wow. I’ve never seen so many fabrics in one shelf. No wonder you aren’t allowed to help yourself. I’m afraid I would ruin the whole construct by just tugging a bit at the fabric to get a better look. 🙂
    The dress looks beautiful. A bit retro. Thumbs up.

    1. It was immense! And so many people running around with their scrap and design books… And me cluelessly in the middle 😛 – retro!! Yes, that’s actually a good word for this. 70s Disco… 😉

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