Did someone say “let’s be hip in NYC?!” – oh, yes… that was me!

I’ve got to admit to a little silliness here – we’re travelling to New York next week, you see (which is not silly at all, more like Whooopwhoooopwhooop and YESYESYES!) but I can’t help wondering… WHAT WILL I WEAR?! To not stick out as a tourist (silly, when what I should really be thinking about is what I will be shopping there, I guess… as a good tourist…). Right, so, now: Project “pricelessly hip” resulted in this lovely (if I may say so myself) wardrobe addition: The Hemlock Tee by Grainline Studio:


(At first I hated my arrogant face in this one, but then I realized: A smug face is exactly what the situation called for!)

Naturally, I’m late to the party again – the pattern was released about a year ago; me being a late follower here had the advantage that I could browse through heaps of lovely Hemlock makes. So I, as many, opted for a colour-blocking version:


Jen from Grainline makes this pattern available for free download – which is so very generous of her! It’s such a clever, easy make – only took me three hours from printing to finishing the sleeves..

As you can see, I decided not to hem it. Three reasons (which I think is plenty for such a tiny decision): 1) I love the raw edge of this fabric; it rolls up slightly which I think is fabulously casual; 2) it would have turned out too short if I’d hemmed it and 3) I don’t have a serger and no machines which I could operate with a double needle.

CIMG1065 CIMG1064

The sleeves and neckline  turned out fine, I think; but the rest I wouldn’t have wanted to risk. (Speaking of sewing machine – naturally mine ate the fabric again. Need to get a new one. I’ve reached that point where I shy away from new makes just because I ‘m certain my machine will not follow along… any suggestions for a new one are much appreciated!).


Definitely going to make piles of those! In lighter cotton and maybe more in that knit.


I might not be the hippest in the streets of New York in one week time (which could well be the boyfriend, instead) – but I will definitely “pricelessly hip” with this, I feel. You’ve got to start somewhere…




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