“Every girl in her 30s needs a golden party jacket”

… if I may quote myself here.  Muhahahaaaaahaha! Foto 14.08.14 09 59 42

And for the 2nd time (after a slightly messy top I made for mum a year back ) it’s a piece of garment I didn’t make for myself.

One of my friends turned 30 last week. Although this girl definitely deserves a diamond ring without a doubt (or a tiara even), all my mind and budget could come up with was a golden jacket. And even this revelation took a while – since 1) I had to plug up the courage to actually go with the idea (WHAT IF I GET IT WRONG, WHAT IF SHE HATES IT, WHAT IF I HATE IT, WHAT IF IT DOESN’T FIT, AND WHAT SHOULD IT LOOK LIKE ANYWAYS, WHATDOESHELIKEWHATCANIMAKEISTHATFABRICTOBLINGBLING…) and 2) I could forever not decide what fabric to get, what style to choose. I actually bought a “fake fur” version with silver glitter in it; but decided in the end that… this… would just not be right. No clue what I’m going to do with that piece of cloth now, to be honest.

In the end, I felt, that this one, the one with golden threats in it, would be just perfect.

I lined it in – naturally – golden fabric….

Foto 14.08.14 09 54 50

… and added some welt pockets for “practicality” and to break the large black fronts.

Foto 14.08.14 09 54 17


The pockets are – I have to say – a good distance from perfect. The fabric does fray quite quickly and that gave me a bit of a headache as I – surprise, surprise – didn’t opt for interfacing. Hurray! Anyways, I’m all in all happy with how these look in the end.

Foto 14.08.14 09 54 26

At the back I added a golden (oh yes) bird pendant, again to have an optical break in the big block of fabric. That and I thought it might look cool.

Foto 14.08.14 09 56 20

It’s a Burda Style pattern which indeed the makers intended for a fake fur jacket (December 2012… way back when all I had done was covers for Kindles and books… dreaming of the big wardrobe edition – haha!).

Foto 14.08.14 09 55 37

And since I couldn’t help it… I had to try it on myself (warning, messy picture) – and liked the style A LOT! Definitely want to make one for myself.

Foto 14.08.14 09 36 11

The thing just is… it fitted me a bit too well; it is still too small, and the style as such is very… generous. But my friend truly is tiny. I though a size 36/38 would do – oh boy, I don’t have it in pictures, but when she tried it on I was like “IT DOESN’T FIT FOR EFFSSAKE”. Even when she was really lovely about it and said, no, it’s good, with a sweater underneath. Felt a bit sorry for myself – and more so for her! Would have loved a gift for her that was actually perfect. I should have known though.; that it might turn out too big. Really! But there you go: Another learning! Change perspective and take better eye measure next time around.

I definitely want one of those for myself, though. Jersey I guess… or a heavy coat fabric for autumn… We’ll see. And I’ll ask every friend to send over her measurements. Just in case.



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