“Ciao, bella” is for “OMG-looking-at-that-dress-makes-me-feel-slightly-dizzy”

Peewwwh! Just in time! Tomorrow we’re off to Lake Garda for a quick breakaway – and this is the dress the Italians will see me wear ALL THE TIME!

Welcome to the family, OutAndAbout Dress by SewCaroline!


When I went out fabric hunting I really really really was looking for something more… low key… But, you see, I had just been to the swim wear department; cluttered with screaming prints and gorgeous summer colours. Which doesn’t help when they only have sizes in stock that I’ll never ever fit into in this life. So colour shocked and sized depressed as I was I entered the fabric department… and then this print came along. BANG!


And it’s soooo soft, too! It’s not quite as light as I thought… drags the waistline down quite a bit; which was also the reason why I decided to shorten the bodice by 3cm. I wanted the skirt to hit at the higher waist – but I guess it’s ok the way it is now.

A bit of swinging to this side…


… and than that side…


… smug face…


The dress itself came together really easily! It was fun (and, hell, was I scared to sew with knit… isn’t the material that grants me the most success….). Loved the pattern! See easy – so clever! (it confused my local copy shop assistant though: “You sure you want it to be printed like this? I could make those lines fit to the whole page – this looks like something has been cut off.” – it took us a bit to decide how to print the pattern, but we made it!). I decided not to top stich along the neckline. I tried, mind you, but felt I was about to mess up the whole dress with my effort. And after I saw that it lays perfectly flat now anyways I simple couldn’t be asked to give it another try.


Best cutting investment ever, by the way: A rotary cutter! Perfect!! Made it so much easier to work with this soft and slightly slippery material!


Wish I had had this for past projects, already!!

Let me end on a side note: This thing…


… was supposed to be the Lake Garda outfit originally. Nice try ( I thought at first) but too short as a whole unless I walk slightly hunched over… depressing… might give it another go… next … summer…

Hope the sun is out wherever you are! Enjoy the summer, all! I’m off to Lake Garda… Arrivederci! You can spot me if you look out for the one tourist wraped in the most offensive colours! 🙂

2 thoughts on ““Ciao, bella” is for “OMG-looking-at-that-dress-makes-me-feel-slightly-dizzy”

  1. Beautiful dress for a beautiful lady! I love prints & this one looks fantastic with the pattern – it sounds like the perfect holiday dress! Hope you have a wonderful time swirling around in your dress! 🙂

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