Early Bird Bomber Jacket

This is why I need temperatures to drop instantly by about 5-7°C, please.


Although I didn’t line it and the body’s fabric is light cotton stretch fabric, this Burda Bomber Jacket is definitely too warm for our current 35°C+.


Finishing this actually took forever (more modeling shots at the end of the post).


For once it wasn’t my blogging laziness that kept this jacket from the world; I actually had to overcome four major milestones for this projects…

A “milestone” I won’t  include in the counting is my realisation: “I need a bomber jacket” – sure, I had an eye on the Papercut Rigel Bomber Jacket and I still feel horribly guilty for not buying that pattern but opting for a Burda Magazine one instead.

One should support the indie pattern makers – not least because I’m sure the Papercut instructions would have been much much better to follow (from what I’ve read everywhere). Personally I find the Burda ones quite daunting. They make me feel even more a sewing fool than (I think) I actually am. But yes, well, I didn’t put my money with the Papercut crew simply out of laziness. Bad decision,  when I look at all the alterations I had to make for the Burda version. Anyways… what’s past is past… bad karma… need to work with that… But I am pretty happy with my Bomber Jacket Result now anyways. After this had happened…

1. Hunt for THE PERFECT fabric.

Lucky me, there was a “Dutch Fabric Market” in town (or close to Munich) one weekend and I went off to find the perfect fabric there (Side note: That Market… guys… you have no idea! Every story they tell about the Amazon warriors must be true; it was insane! There were women tackling each others, honestly! Also, I came to realize once again that over here sewing still had a slightly different audience from what I see in e.g. the UK. Really interesting! Not the fabric fight though! That was rather frightening!).

I’ll tell you more about why the fabric choice was more difficult than usual in another post, but just quickly: I intensively studied Sarai’s  superb blog series on Wardrobe Architecture a while ago (perfect workshops and inspirations, it really taught me so much about my own style and my quite schizophrenic sewing / dressing behaviour). While working through it I came to realize that, actually, I could not really follow through with the plans I had made for the Bomber Jacket. I originally wanted it to look like those (with neutral sleeves…):

Floral nonetheless…  definitely floral! But you see, the thing is, I’m just not “floral” … I would love to be that person that can comfortably pull off floral prints and I do sometimes, very specific ones… but the Wardrobe Architecture revelation was; no, I’m just not your flower girl. So what then? Long story short: No, I’m not a bird woman either. The fabric I went for just caught me. I fell in love with it as I sometimes do with e.g. floral prints. I just couldn’t let go of it, no matter my better judgement.

But I figure… it will work – occasionally – I’m still in love with it, though it hardly matches anything I have in my closet. Ah, to hell!

So there you go: Milestone 1 mainly occurred due to the fact that I had to overcome some emotional and cognitive uncertainties. Done! (The black fabric for the sleeves… by the way… yeah… I don’t do black… ah, well… you see, this is getting really complicated to argue now, right…? It has a light waffle texture and since all was lost anyways with the bird print and everything I ones again thought: “ah, to hell” and bought it).


2. Making a muslin and opting for change.

Accidentally (whoops) I bought some other fabric at the Holland Fabric Market. Yellow? Yeah… no yellow normally. But it was cheap and just the right cloth to practice a bomber jacket…  The cuffs are made from scrap fabric from a top (un-instagramed; un-everything) I finished a couple of weeks ago. Hipster… a bit 80s maybe… I’m sure somewhere somehow in another life I could pull this off!


After inserting one sleeve and getting stuck with the neckline I decided to shorten the sleeves by a good 5cm, tighten the cuffs, take in the waist a bit and lower the neckline considerably (yes, yes… Papercut look alike, I know, I feel awful). I  considered shortening the body… but then the print would have gone to waste… so the general length straight how it was.

3. Forever not being able to decide how to cut into that print.

So, I wanted to make most out of this print. More birds? More trees? Print only at the back or all over, so back and front?


I guess it took me about 1 week after Milestone 2 to cut out the fabric pieces. Happy with how one can see both the sky and the “forest” plus a lot of birds on my front, now. Nevertheless, the cut out pieces sat at my sewing table / dinning table for a good two-three weeks before I finally got the time to sew it all up.

4. Sew, swearing over having two left sleeves, getting confused by the welt pocket instructions, starting to get angry at the sewing machine, realising it’s my fault.

I wasn’t really THAT busy lately; but still enough to stay away from the sewing table (and when I was there I did other stuff in order to avoid messing the Bird Bomber up). Naturally I eventually chose  the so far hottest day of this year to sew up a jacket. Bank holiday it was yesterday, so enough time – after lovely brunch with friends – to start and finish  all of the birdly fun. All of the things mentioned in the headline 4 happened, of cause. But I really think that my sewing machine should take part of the blame. When I started to top-stich the zipper that baby just went nuts! I don’t really know what happened but the under-threat just wouldn’t go straight. I changed the needle, re-threated… I managed a wobbly top-stich in the end. Good enough to be content, though.

So there we go! I made it!





I believe the market where I fought my way through to that fabric must have been end of April… so six weeks to finish… oh boy!  BUT I blogged about it straight away, so that is something, I guess!

If I had to make another version;

a) I’d shorten the body to high-waist (with different print of course) so I can wear it with dresses / skirts (my wardrobe architecture will tell you why this might be a good idea… if I ever blog about it).

b) I’d try to align the zipper with the neckline (damn it!)

c) I’d consider lining it, because – honestly – the inside does look a bit of a mess with the pockets  dangling there…

Apart from my Tiger Lilly Anna Dress (which I instagramed last summer) I guess this is the “wildest” closet add-on so far (and if I stick to what I found out about myself and my clothes there should only occasionally be any wild additions). That Bird Bomber really only is a tiny fraction “me”… but that tiny bit loves this jacket a lot!!!

I consider wearing by Bird Bomber to work – or at least walk to work in it (once temperatures drop again). I can’t wait to observe myself how I work this jacket… let’s see how it makes me (and others?) feel. I’ll let you know! Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

7 thoughts on “Early Bird Bomber Jacket

  1. Wow! I am even more impressed with this jacket now I see how much you had to overcome to finish it! It really looks awesome (I love the sharp biker style with the gentle print) & suits you very well. Munich fabric market sounds scary though…!

    1. Aww – danke Dir! Habe die Innentaschen falsch rum drin (also klappt nach hinten, statt nach vorne), habe ich gestern gemerkt… tja, soviel dazu. 😛

      1. Ooops … macht aber nix, merkt ja keiner. Habe vorgestern mit der Overlockmaschine die Ärmeleinsätze einer Bluse eingeschnitten (diese Overlockmaschinen sind mir einfach zu schnell). Muss jetzt die Ärmel einfach enger ansetzen (wird hoffentlich auch keiner merken 😉 )

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