A bold choice of gold – weekender bag

It’d be too much to say I needed a new weekender travel bag – it’s more accurate to say that I HAD TO HAVE AND MAKE this one!


I had set an eye on Grainline Studio’s Portside Travel Set for quite a while but had that phoney notion that I could well do something like that myself without a predesigned pattern, thank you very much. Turns out: Yes, maybe but WHY when there are so many lovely examples out there on how well this Weekender can turn out?!

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I patchworked, I quilted, I did… the things.

And am chuffed about the result, I truly am. May I present to you: My first ever patchwork blanket – tadaaaaa….


Mind you, I – too – see the wobbly sidelines and creases, but I can proudly announce that, given my rudimental “patch working skills”, I truly could not have done any better at this point.

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In the Japanese Fashion…

… or at least my interpretation of it.

When we visited Japan earlier this year (which indeed was outstandingly glorious, can recommend highly to everyone who’s looking for beauty, the obscure, and / or serenity… to a certain degree) I was pleasantly surprised to find all my fashion prejudice met; boxy tops, floating dresses, elegantly wide skirts and trousers – all I had hoped for, all on show in the streets of Tokyo and Kyoto.

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How do we do this all rest of the year? How can we get through One Single Week without our very own, private access to the sea? You find me stunned to realize, I have no idea how this is possible. I’m equally buffled as to why I never manage to wear as many me-made-garments on a regular basis as in in this holiday.


We spent 10 amazing days in Sicily and I’m still working hard to fight off that longing to get back to our very own bathing platform. Also – since today is the last day before “back-to-work” – I’m doing my best to give my summer holiday wardrobe a last chance to shine. Shivering in my favorite beach dress here, while I type along, you see. Munich just isn’t Sicily.

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Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

Do you dare to turn the music up? Come on, do it for me! Do it for the dress – the Wiggle Dress from Gertie’s Book for Better sewing.

(Now, that’s better, no? With a bit of soundtrack and all… I love that version of Jason Derulo / Snoop Dogg’s “Wiggle” – in fact, it’s the ONLY version of the song that I like. Her dress, that wiggle, lush!)

Right, so now, that dress…


I got Gertie’s book for Christmas. Originally I wanted – oh, who am I fooling – I NEEDED that book for the  lovely Pencil Skirt with extra belt stand BUT when I saw that Wiggle Dress… MAAAAAAN… that DRESS…

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For the sake of it

Know what?! The lighting in my apartment is so poor (aka generally referred to as “cozy”) that I simply can’t take new, suitable garment pictures during the week (still dark in the morning, already dark when I’m home). So shooting will have to wait till the weekend. Just two words: Wiggle Dress! WHoooOOP!

In the meantime (in a dimly lit corner of my home) I browsed the internet and I found some piece of wisdom that hit right home.

Author Elizabeth Gilbert on how soul cleaning and grounding a personal passion can be:

“Your home (or passion) is that thing towards you can dedicate your energy with such singular devotion that the ultimate results become inconsequential.”

And I like to think that’s sewing for me. In the sense of #ForMyOwnSake and #EffPerfection , really. Knowing what you love, being able to do stuff that you love – just for the sake of it. If that isn’t pure luxury, I don’t know what is!

If you fancy some more thoughts on how passion and knowing what you love can help you balancing out the ups and downs in life, here’s her full speech. I thought it was epic (even if it might be a little … uhm… over the top at sometimes).

And in that notion: #EffPerfection or:  #ProgressBeforePerfection. I’ll go and lit some more candles and might sew a little something just for the sake of it.

XMas Jumper Round Up

Plug in the fairy lights, heat up a mug of mulled wine and for the very last time this year, let’s put some post-Christmas music on:

Isn’t less patronizing when song by a woman….

Well, right, anyways… turn it UUUUP.

’cause we’ve got some Festive Jumpers to catch up on.

Remember, I asked to get some help in my quest for “becoming a less selfish sewer” and offered to sew up some Xmas sweaters for those with the most inspiring design themes.

What a silly mechanism, I should have known that each and every one of your ideas would be marvellous.

Heimo’s “The big bad cookie disaster

Lukas’ “Scary Jumper

Renee’s “Snow flakes

Julia’s “Xmas Craziness

Martina’s “Bridget Jones

Simone’s “There used to be more glitter

Natalie’s “Xmas cats

– and –

Jörg’s “Action under the Christmas Tree

I see a slight tendency towards emotional stress here – with all the crazy/scary/disaster/action. Must be the time of year.

So – how was I ever able to choose from all those great ideas? How to decide what sweater to make? Make a draw of course. Plain, simple, still a bit unfair due to my changes in the decision making mechanism. But even Christmas isn’t always fair! There you go!

And here are our lucky jumper lovers.

Natalie’s „Xmas cats”


Lukas’ „Scary Jumper”


Natalie’s “Xmas cats” – I felt – needed to be both cosy AND glamorous. So sequins were a logical ingredients.



If Natalie is anything like me (and I know she’s quite a bit like me) she’d appreciate a sweater that goes well with both track suit bottoms for Boxing Day and a skirt for dinner (if you’re interested; I was in my track suit bottoms all day long. It was great! Not saying Natalie was but I love to think she could use it for a cuddle up on the sofa AND a walk on the piers of Brighton / Hove). Hence – a little glamour would be in order, I figured, and I shamelessly nicked the idea from some ASOS sweaters. There, I said it. But the cats’ sound is in my own writing, if I may add.

“Meow” you all!!!



Natalie was amazing as ever and made a donation straight away to Cancer Research UK. No wonder, I mean that woman does charity runs. She’s amazing!! Thank you so much!

For Lukas’ “Scary Jumper” I decided to turn the theme into a “scared jumper” and add the German exclamation of astonishment or fright (“HUCH”) on the front – something you would hear Lukas say in casual conversations. Believe me, I’ve seen it!


Hence, a very personalized sweater with – admittedly – boyish letters in tartan fabric; tartan to mirror the “Christmas” theme – boyish because I felt it was Christmassy appropriate to add some more fun.



And he modelled his jumper for the world to see, too, and took it out onto the streets of Hamburg. Best picture ever! Thank you for sharing!!!

#Huch, ein Seepferdchen?!


Both versions are based on the Grainline Studio “Linden Sweater” which I love to bits! I’ve made five jumpers with this pattern already – including the two above. They make the best gifts (except when you forget to scale the neck properly for men size; if you forget that, it turns out wild… not the pattern’s fault of course; just a little note to self).

I decided to make the two jumpers a little less Christmassy than I originally intended (as you can see). The only exception would have been for Simon’s theme. If Simone’s “there used to be more glitter” had made the run it would have been all shine and sparkle. Was thinking about adding a fringe of glitter strings at the under arms – in Cowboy style. This would have been highly impractical but SO MUCH FUN! I’m sure Simone would have appreciated that design!

And to Heimo: Thank you so much for spreading the word. You’ve been amazing – and I’m sorry that the lucky draw didn’t make you a winner! You’ll get a proper jumper in the near future, I promise. Or you might just want to talk Lukas out of his… thought I can imaging his jumper is a little too subtle for all I know about you! 😀

Thank you so much for participating @all. What do we think about Easter jumpers? Or pants? Easter track suit bottoms?!… No? No… me neither. We’ll find a new opportunity to get this rolling again. Thank you for challenging me! That truly was a lot of fun!!!


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