In the Japanese Fashion…

When we visited Japan earlier this year I was pleasantly surprised to find all my fashion prejudice met.
Inspired by all those glorious Japanese fabric stores, I had no choice but to bring an own version of that particular style back home. See what I made. … More In the Japanese Fashion…


Respect the Project – Sewing Ginger Jeans

Still haven’t got a cat, still sewing stuff I don’t wear – but at least I keep on working on the sewing topic. Taddaaa… enter the Ginger Jeans: On my 2017 sewing list I put a number of “challenges” to conquer this year. And jeans ranked highest on my personal “God-this-will-be-so-tough-I-am-exhausted-even-thinking-about-it” scale. Sewing jeans somehow … More Respect the Project – Sewing Ginger Jeans

For the sake of it

Know what?! The lighting in my apartment is so poor (aka generally referred to as “cozy”) that I simply can’t take new, suitable garment pictures during the week (still dark in the morning, already dark when I’m home). So shooting will have to wait till the weekend. Just two words: Wiggle Dress! WHoooOOP! In the … More For the sake of it